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Nevada Police

The following information is released by the Nevada Police Department. The Journal prints all information released from the department, including juvenile arrests, as per current law. We would encourage the public to keep in mind that these charges are merely an accusation, and the defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


3/16: Dana Marie Terrones, 34, 1-Public Intoxication (1st), 2-Disorderly conduct

3/16: Eric Lynn Terrones, 26, 1-Public Intoxication (3rd), 2-Disorderly conduct, 3-Public Intoxication (1st)

3/17: Keomany Khounsourath, 37, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/19: Paul Emerson Wawers, 20, 1-Drug Poss Marj

3/19: Daniel Thomas Shafer, 55, 1-Burglary 3rd Degree

3/20: William Dennis Hunt, 63, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/20: Alexander Brice Avalos, 16, 1-Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance, 2-Drug Paraphernalia

3/21: Terry Lee Gorsh, 68, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/23: Leonard Frank Boyd III, 26, 1-Theft 5th Degree-All Other Larceny, 2-Assault (Simple), 3-Harassment-2nd Degree (Serious)

3/24: Laura Nicole Cox, 25, 1–Warrant

3/24: Thomas Allen Gotschall, 49, 1-DUS, 2-O.W.I. 2nd offense

3/25: Rachel Kristine McFarland, 33, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/27: Pamela Ann Griffith, 48, 1-O.W.I. 3rd offense, 2-D.W.L.B., 3-Open Container

3/28: Megan Ann Johnson, 37, 1-D.W.L.B.

3/29: Jordan Henry Murphy, 24, 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense

3/29: John Wayne Gifford, 23, 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/29: Scott Lee Savely, 30, 1-Drug Poss Marj, 2-Drug Paraphernalia

Incident Reports:

3/16: 1-Drugs-Possession of Controlled Substance, 2- Drug Paraphernalia; 1-Public Intoxication (3rd), 2-Public Intoxication (1st), 3-Disorderly conduct

3/17: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense; 1-Nuisance Abatement

3/18: 1-Burglary 1st Degree; 1-Criminal Mischief 5th Degree; 1-Burglary 3rd Degree

3/19: 1-Drug Poss Marj; 1-Criminal Mischief 5th Degree; 1-Criminal Mischief 5th Degree; 1-Burglary 3rd Degree; 1-Theft 4th Degree-All Other; 1-Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree; 1-Criminal Mischief 5th Degree

3/20: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/21: 1-Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree; 1-Identity Theft; 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/23:1-Theft 5th Degree-All Other Larceny, 2-Assault (Simple); 1-Theft 5th Degree-Shoplifting

3/24: 1-DUS, 2-O.W.I. 2nd offense

3/25: 1-O.W.I. 1st offense

3/26: 1-Animal-Impounded

3/27: 1-O.W.I. 3rd offense, 2-D.W.L.B., 3-Open Container

3/28: 1-D.W.L.B.

3/29: 1-O.W.I. 2nd offense; 1-O.W.I. 1st offense; 1-Drug Poss Marj, 2-Drug Paraphernalia; 1-Animal at Large-Prohibited Animal Nuisance, 2-Animal-Impounded

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