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Kyla’s Movie Review This 3-D is a must see

By Kyla Davis

GRAVITY (PG-13) - Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Directed, written and produced by Alfonso Cuaron. An American space crew is working on repairs of the Hubble telescope when they get an emergency message from Mission Control. There’s been an accident with a Russian satellite and the debris is now hurtling their way. In short order, only two astronauts are alive: Ryan Stone (Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (Clooney). Worse, their own space craft is beyond repair. The movie impresses us with the vastness and cold emptiness of space as few films have. Bit by bit, they are presented with obstacles and opportunities. Very quickly this becomes a two-person play, and, for Sandra Bullock, it may be one of the greatest roles of her career. In a taut ninety minutes, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat wondering whether they are doomed or whether human ingenuity and the will to live will prevail. I am normally not a fan of 3-D, but this is where it’s a must-see! RATING: A-

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (PG-13) - Starring Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed, Mahat M. Ali and Michael Chernus. This is based on a factual book written by Captain Richard Phillips called “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea.” This is about an American cargo ship off the coast of Africa dealing with Somali pirates. It is a careful unfolding of the true 2009 incident in which Captain Richard Phillips (Hanks) had his ship boarded by pirates and found himself taken for ransom when their initial attack was thwarted. As the American crew watches the motorboats approaching the slow-moving cargo ship, we see Phillips remain calm and take one step after another in response. They try evasive maneuvers. They have fire hoses around the ship pointed outward to make boarding difficult. They have locked gates and doorways. As each of these proves ineffective, Phillips moves takes additional steps. If he can’t reach the American authorities, he contacts the British ones. The film is divided into two roughly equal segments. The first details the cat-and-mouse game between Phillips and his crew and the pirates. The second is a hostage drama in which the captive bears witness to quarrels among his captors as his life hangs in the balance. I found the second half to be a little too long. Hanks gives a good solid performance in this suspenseful film. RATING: B+

(Kyla Davis is a Nevada native and a movie enthusiast. She can be reached at