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Let’s get the ball moving

To the editor:

Every time I drive by Harrington Park and see the Soccer Ball my brother Harv built pushed up against the tracks, it saddens me. He loved soccer and loved every child he coached. He was the Gentle Giant amongst the kids on the field. He always had bright colored shirts that said “Coach.” There was never any doubt who he was on the field. He was an amazing husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to all. I know I speak for everyone who knew him, how very much he is missed. I miss his smile and his laugh. I miss him. I have always been and always will be very proud to be his sister.

I know the ball sat at the school for some time, but I think it belongs at SCORE park or anywhere but shoved up against the tracks. With the year anniversary coming up of his passing, come on people, let’s move the ball, and show the Gentle Giant he’s still with us and always will be.

Kim Bainter